Elegant Copper Rose & White Cast Iron Bed Frame – Twin Size


A beautifully restored white cast iron bed frame with copper rose accents. This bed frame is absolutely perfect for a simple, yet elegant, little princess’ bedroom.

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SOLD OUT – White Cast Iron Bed Frame Twin Size

A beautifully restored white cast iron bed frame with copper rose accents.

This bed frame is absolutely perfect for a little girl’s bedroom – styled for a princess.

Includes headboard and footboard with side rails.

The frame was stripped of all original (possible lead) paint and repainted. Beginning with a rust-fighting primer, followed by white enamel, and rose gold on the 4 post balls and dry-brushed accents throughout.

The bed measures 36″ x 75″ and should fit a standard twin size mattress.

White Cast Iron Bed Frame – Side Rail Specifics

The cast iron bed frame originally had a metal spring unit, attached with clips that sat on top of the side rails.

Meaning the side rails are “flat top” rails, and not “L shaped” like newer versions.

Some people mistake these rails as being “upside-down” and incorrect for the frame, as the mattress sits on top of the rails instead of setting into the rails.

But that is not the case!
Learn more here:

These are most definitely the original rails for this frame, but without the spring unit, your box spring and mattress may not set exactly right with the frame, as is.

Because of this, we will be including a solution to the problem with your order.

White Cast Iron Bed Frame – Wooden Slats Included

3 wooden 2″ x 4′ slats attached with 2 – 1/4″ x 20 bolts that are 2″ long will be included with the frame.

3- 1/4″ holes will be drilled through each side rail.

The wooden slats will be attached under the side rails, and the middle of the slats will also have 2 wooden pieces attached that extend to the floor.

This will help ensure the bulk weight of your mattress will be handled by the 2″ x 4′ and not the side rails of the bed.

If the bed is to be shipped, I will assemble the slats as best as I can, and will provide instructions for assembling the rest.

If interested in a lower delivery cost, I can provide instructions for purchasing and cutting your own slats, which may save you a bit of money depending on your location.

Just chose the without wooden slat option at checkout.

If you are local, I can assemble before delivery or show you beforehand, whichever works best for you.


If you are in the New England area I would be happy to meet or deliver; within reason.

Just contact me!

Otherwise for shipping please allow 3-5 business days for the item to be sent out, and 7-10 days for delivery.

If you would like Express Shipping (usually 2-3 days) please choose so at checkout.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

To learn more about the dry brushing technique used on this cast iron bed frame, check out my Distressing Techniques post, or my most recent Restoring & Refinishing Metal Furniture post.

Additional information

Weight50 lbs
Dimensions80 × 36 × 42 in


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