DIY Resoures

DIY Resources

No matter how much experience we have– or don’t have– most of us can admit it: furniture restoration isn’t always easy! The DIY resources below are meant to assist you when the going gets tough. When you don’t know what to do next, come to this page for the answer.

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Free Printable DIY Resources

Stop spending hours on Google searching for answers! You’ll find all you need here.

Staining Wood

How to stain wood cheat sheet

Print this out and keep it in your work area! Dry times/clean-up for oil-based, gel, and water-based stains.

Which Primer Works Best?

Which Primer Works Best For That

Before painting metal, plastic, laminate, glass, wood, and more, check which primer to apply for the best adhesion.

Sandpaper Grit Guide

Sandpaper Grit Guide

How to switch through sandpaper grits properly for the perfect smooth wood surface.

Is it Lacquer, Urethane, Varnish, or Shellac?

Repairing Scratched Clear Coats Identifying Type

Clearcoat repair can only be successful if you’re 100% sure about the clear coat type. This cheat sheet shows you how to be.

Repairing Scratched Clear Coats Part 2 Repairing

Caring For Your Refinished Furniture

Refinished Furniture Care Sheet Pin

Printable Care Tip Worksheets That Are Fillable on the Computer! Add your logo, company info, and client info and give them to your refinished furniture clients, or just keep them for your own records.

Common Furniture Wood Type Cheat Sheet

Wood Identification Cheat Sheet 1

Be sure you’ve got the right wood type with this Identification Cheat Sheet, and treat your wood correctly!

Wood Identification Cheat Sheet 2

DIY Project Planner Pages

Organize your many DIY projects by printing as many of these Project Planner Pages as you need for each of them!

Exciting New Finds!

  • I have yet to find these on Amazon, but I still just had to share a link for these awesome reusable sandpaper sheets I recently found at Harbor Freight.

They come in several different grits, and can literally be shaken out real quick or rinsed out and reused! Absolutely IN LOVE! Check them out here, or head over to your local Harbor Freight and pick some up ASAP!

  • I’ve been hearing about these paint scraper tools people have been using to strip furniture, but I was a little doubtful. I’d used scrapers to strip paint from houses and it definitely wasn’t easy. BUT I finally bit the bullet and purchased one for contour surfaces. And boy am I glad I did! Keep an eye out for a post on this lovely product very soon. But I knew I just had to add it here for everyone ASAP!
  • The second I learned of this product I had to grab one off Amazon. After trying it I knew I had to add it to my DIY Resources page to share with all of you!

How many of us have had trouble sanding the areas above on furniture? Troubles no more! This Card Sander is a lifesaver.

  • My new goto paintbrush for chalk painting furniture: The Cling On! Oval Paintbrush. I take back everything I ever said about expensive chalk paintbrushes. This might be the last brush you ever buy! After painting, suspend this brush in water and the paint literally slides right off leaving the bristles incredibly slick and smooth for your next paint application. Brilliant!
  • Finally jumping on the bandwagon with this one, but it really is nice to have…Highly recommend this sprayer if you’re looking for a cheap option.

It comes with its own little compressor separate from the sprayer so clean-up is super quick. No worrying about hoses and running water through it a million times each time you use it. That was another big factor for me because I am horrible with cleaning up my painting tools, just ask Scott!

As for the paint application, it has 4 different nozzles and a flow regulator that works great. I used Valspar’s Oil Modified Water Based Enamel slightly thinned with water and it went through like a dream.

  • Found this amazing little detail sanding kit at Hobby Lobby. I’ve never seen anything like it! Perfect for tight corners, wooden chair spindles, or anywhere else even the Microzip Detail Sander I listed above can’t reach!

Check Back In For More Exciting Finds, Regularly Updated!

eBooks, Workbooks, & Courses

Investigating Your Furniture's Wood Identity Cover

The interactive eBook to solve all of your wood identification problems! A full-on investigation into your personal furniture piece. Compare close to 40 common furniture wood types to your piece, and narrow them down to THE 1 Wood Type your piece is made of! Then learn even more about that wood type! Special treatments each wood type may need, sanding procedures, and staining tips!

More DIY Resources to come, check back soon!

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