Grain – Investigating Your Furniture’s Wood Identity Workbook


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Investigating Your Furniture’s Wood Identity?

If you’ve read my Ultimate Guide on Identifying Wood Types in Furniture, then you know…

Actually identifying a piece’s wood type based on reading some descriptions is just plain hard.

There are sooo many wood types. So many wood species and genus etc., etc…

So many in fact…

That it is next to impossible to be 100%, matter-of-fact, correct when identifying just a random wooden board you know nothing about.

But we aren’t just investigating a random wooden board, are we?

We’re investigating a wooden piece of furniture.

A lot of wood types don’t work for making furniture.

Most wood types don’t work for making furniture.

This narrows our playing field pretty immensely.

So if we narrow the wood types down to around 40 types commonly used in furniture making…

And then investigate our furniture’s wood identity using a strategy meant to narrow a random wooden board (we know nothing about) down to its closest wood genus possible…

Why can’t we be 100%, matter-of-fact, correct on its wood identity?

Investigating Your Furniture's Wood Identity Cover

I personally think…

that we can.

Grain – How Does It Work?

Grain Investigating Your Furniture's Wood Identity Part 1

Part 1 – Prepare

Before we jump into the investigation, we’ll first discuss the two locations on your furniture piece that are most suitable for identification purposes.

Also, dealing with veneers or finishes. And finally, sanding, cleaning, and preparing the wood surface. Thus, creating the perfect “specimen” for our investigation.

Grain Investigating Your Furniture's Wood Identity Part 2

Part 2 – Compare

Next, we will compare numerous images and descriptions of end grains, wood grain patterns, textures, rare figures, colors, and weights to your prepared wood surface. You get to choose which is closest to your piece for each category.

Part 3 – Special Features

Softwoods & Hardwoods have separate anatomical features for identifying. If you chose a non-porous end grain in Part 2, you’ll have a few special features such as Resin Canals to compare before your final analysis. 

Grain Investigating Your Furniture's Wood Identity

Part 4 – Analysis

Using the answer key, we will walk through your Part 2 selections to eventually narrow the options down to 1 (+ or-) Finally solving the mystery of your furniture’s wood identity!

Each wood type will have a dedicated description with images and extra tips for double-checking your final analysis.

Part 5 – Real-World Examples

As I’ve said, I love solving these little mysteries! The fifth chapter of the workbook will contain real-world examples sent to me by my readers over the years that were in need of a wood ID.

Perfect for skimming through when you want to make a quick wood ID.

Eventually, if you’re like me and need to ID a new wood piece multiple times per week, you will commit images and examples to memory and hone your skills for future investigations.


Why Purchase This Workbook?

  • This is more than just a workbook. It’s an incredible tool that will help you, not only, know the wood type of your furniture piece, but obtain the knowledge to correctly identify any piece of wood furniture in the future.
  • Every new wood ID teaches you something new about identifying it. I will be updating the workbook frequently to ensure it’s including as many furniture wood types as possible, correctly.
  • Once you purchase your workbook, you have it for life! Reprint and investigate over and over again for each of your furniture pieces! 
  • Purchase pre-sale and get it for HALF the price! $9.99 for this amazing tool cannot be beaten!


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