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Hi all and thank you for visiting my site! I’m KRay, owner of KRay Custom Refinish and creator of one-of-a-kind, refinished furniture pieces of beauty. Since 2016, I have been restoring and painting vintage wood furniture, for customers who just plain enjoy a good backstory in their home decor. I too love finding the beauty, in any and everything in this thing we call life – and sharing it with people like you.

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So I set out to turn every little bit of “trash” into someone’s treasure. I vowed to myself that I would teach as many people as possible how to save furniture lives too! And not just save their lives, but make them BEAUTIFUL! So whether it be through learning my techniques and methods or purchasing your very own KRay Custom piece, I truly hope you find something useful here on my site. I would LOVE to hear from you if so. Head over to Meet and Work With KRay to learn more!

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