Repairing Furniture Clear Coats Cheat Sheet

This Identifying and Repairing Furniture Clear Coats Cheat Sheet explains how to identify the clear coat type your furniture piece has on it as well as how to repair each specific clear coat.

Repairing Scratched Clear Coats Identifying Type

Be sure to reference my in-depth post on Repairing Scratched Clear Coats for more explanation to ensure you identify your piece’s clear coat correctly. After you’ve identified your clear coat, you’ll need to use a specific solvent to repair it. This is explained on the 2nd page of the cheat sheet.

Repairing Scratched Clear Coats Part 2 Repairing

Again be sure to reference the original post for more info, as this infographic is more to help you remember the steps of the repair, but does not entirely explain the process. You’ll need to read the post for that! Get the free download below.

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