MudPaint the Furniture Painter’s Paint | Why You Need to Make the Switch Today!

Hello everyone, happy fall! I’m excited to tell you all about my newest furniture paint discovery. 🙂 As you all know I am an avid user of Chalk Paint & Milk Paint when painting my furniture. But I think I have finally found something better!! 

It’s called MudPaint, and I honestly don’t think I will ever go back to chalk paint for painting furniture. Which– if you know me –is a BIG deal, because my (personal) discovery of chalk paint was pretty groundbreaking  as well. 

NOW I wish that I had learned about MudPaint sooner. It sticks to surfaces even better than chalk paint, without the brush marks, and chalky residue. MudPaint is actually clay-based, so it has a thick, rich, and creamy consistency, making it spread smooth like butter!  

What Makes MudPaint the Furniture Painter’s Paint?

MudPaint was established in 2014 by a husband & wife team of experienced furniture painters. According to them, they ‘wanted to create paint with better coverage and finish than any other paint on the market. So they decided to create a clay-based paint, which was exactly that.    

All of their eco-friendly paints are made right here in the USA with low VOC, and all natural pigments & dyes. They mix the MudPaint in small batches, hand-fill and label each container at the time of order. That, to me, means a lot.  You’ll always be getting a fresh batch of thick and creamy paint!

MudPaint is water-based, so it’s easy to clean-up brushes, sponges, or rollers with soap & water. Latex and oil-based paints are never good for me and my paintbrushes. I’m sure many of you can agree! So easy clean-up is another must when it comes to picking a paint. 

Let’s See MudPaint in Action!

MudPaint will stick to virtually anything!  So showing just a plain old piece of wood furniture probably won’t convince many people of its amazing adhesion. So, instead, I’ll be using a couple of old, weathered, clay pots that have been waiting for paint for quite some time. 

The pots are super old and cracked, but I think they’re just beautiful. I plan to use them in my garden as decorative pieces, most likely won’t be putting plants inside them. So I didn’t worry about sealing them inside or out. If you do paint pots like these and intend to fill them with plants, I’d recommend waterproofing them– inside and out –first. 

Without the sealer, it would normally take quite a bit of paint to cover these things completely. The surface is very porous, so it soaks up paint like nothing! 

Not MudPaint though!

Once again, the above is after only 1 coat of MudPaint! I was amazed at how well it stuck to the clay pots. But considering it’s clay-based, it makes sense!

I painted the white on top and bottom after the first coat dried on both pots. Even painting China White over the Deep Navy MudPaint was easy! Which is pretty rare.

 A second coat is pretty much always necessary when using white over a dark color. Not with MudPaint!

The video below shows how easily the Navy Blue was covered by China White.

MudPaint’s incredible coverage, no matter the color, makes it an easy choice for painting furniture.

These 2 large clay pots were painted completely, with 3 different colors, in about 2 hours. The first coat was dry in under an hour. Yet another awesome feature of MudPaint.

Dry time is lightning fast!

Meaning you can get to the fun part even faster. Distressing, and waxing! I used a piece of sandpaper to slightly distress the pots, which was a cinch.

No giant cloud of dust surrounding you after you distress either. That was always a pain when using chalk paint. I usually resorted to wet distressing due to that fact. But it’s not necessary when you paint with MudPaint.

MudPaint also offers its own line of furniture waxes, paintbrushes, and a clear coat.

Their finishing products are sourced from a small-batch, 5th-generation family-run shop located in small-town Wales, UK. The black, clear, and dark finishing waxes are sold exclusively by MudPaint. Plus– my new favorite —Metallic Waxes, in gold and silver! These add the perfect touch of sparkle to your piece. I may go a bit metallic crazy now that I’ve got these waxes.

Of course, I threw the gold metallic wax on my 2 clay pots, just because.


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I love MudPaint’s products so much, I decided to become a retailer & share them with all of you!

Up until now, the KRay Custom Refinish shop has only sold refinished furniture pieces.

Head over to my shop, and check out all the lovely products I’ve added!

With 29 MudPaint colors, each with 3 sizes available; there’s something for every furniture painter! I’ll also be carrying MudPaint’s finishing products and paintbrushes. I’m so excited for my readers to try them out, I’m offering a FREE SAMPLE to all of my subscribers!

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I’ll be painting many more projects with MudPaint coming up soon. Be sure to check back in and see the beautifully painted pieces.

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