Meet and Work With KRay

Meet and Work With KRay KRay in Safety Gear

Meet and Work with KRay

Creator of One of a Kind Refinished Furniture Pieces of Beauty

Saving Wood Furniture Lives Since 2016

To formally introduce myself: You can call me Kaitlyn, or KRay, or KK; as many of my close friends and family do. I own and operate KRay Custom Refinish.

Since 2016, I have been restoring and painting vintage wood furniture, for customers who just plain enjoy a good backstory in their home decor.

I too love finding the beauty, in any and everything in this thing we call life – and sharing it with people like you 🙂 Saving wood furniture lives is of the utmost importance to me. Nothing is ever “too far gone” in my book.

So I set out to turn every little bit of “trash” into someone’s treasure. I vowed to myself that I would teach as many people as possible, how to save furniture lives too! And not just save their lives, but make them BEAUTIFUL!

This is, in my opinion; my tiny, but important contribution to the world. 🙂

Meet and Work with KRay Apple Picking

When I’m not restoring, blogging, or driving around searching for roadside scores, I’m spending time with my lovely little family above. 🙂 Alice (7) and Scott keep me very busy and every day is certainly an adventure!

Work With Me

Refinishing furniture will always be my number 1. Help Keep Me Busy!

Do you have any pieces that have been sitting up in your attic for years that you just haven’t found time to redo perhaps? A scratched tabletop you just don’t know how to fix? A half-done project you never finished?

I’m here to help! Whether you have a vision for a certain piece of your own or a vision that you can’t seem to find the right item for; please get in touch.

Custom Furniture Refinish Before and After

I refinished the mid-century modern tallboy that was available in my shop to this client’s specifications and it came out beautifully! Like one of my pieces but interested in a different color or style? Not a problem. Just get in touch and let’s get started!

Or I would be happy to seek out the perfect piece for you, (or even build it), and am willing to try any style if you are willing to take the journey with me! I’m experienced in repairing surface scratches and/or seriously damaged dining room tables and can even pick up/deliver your piece for you if you’re in the area.

Learn From Me

After very few failed attempts at art years ago, I had pretty much written off my artistic abilities as non-existent. I always had thoughts of not throwing away old stuff and turning it into something better…but I figured I didn’t have the skill to actually do it.

Does that sound like you? If you have always wanted to dive into a restoration project but don’t think you’re skilled enough, trust me, you are! Go for it! And if you don’t have a clue, that’s what my site is for! I know that when I was starting out I didn’t have a clue.

Throughout my years of researching for each and every piece, I’ve documented, experimented, and figured out the best way to do most wood furniture restores. In hopes of helping someone just like me, 5 years ago. So please, if anything, learn from me!

Good luck with your furniture adventure!

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Phone: +1 6033932843
Email: [email protected]

1715 Mount Major Hwy

Alton Bay, NH 03810

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